Monday, October 11, 2010

Heather & Alec, Pt. Deux.

Our lovely friends, Heather & Alec, have held two beautiful ceremonies for their nuptials . . . one musical soirée in L.A. (previously mused about here), and a more spiritual gathering in the misty woods of Big Sur, California (see the digital save-the-date below).

For their earthy invitation suite, we had individual kraft-paper boxes created (in collaboration with West Dixon of ColorWest Packaging), to house the various ephemeral elements, each item specifically inspired by the majestic Big Sur landscape and its new age, beat poem-lauded history. On the top of each box we affixed a textural label hand-letterpressed with the wedding info, in a very 1970s inspired typeface.
Included in each box were small custom-designed books of flecked recycled paper hand-bound in jute, telling the story of their union through nature-inspired illustrations found in a vintage hiking handbook. We also penned a cosmically romantic tale about the couple's evolution to accompany the art. Also included in the boxes were; custom-designed maps of the wedding locations, RSVP cards letterpressed on textural sand-like stock, along with kraft envelopes. The contents of each box was then topped with a beautiful bird feather hand-chosen by the bride.

Wedding portrait: Lizzie Brandt Invitations: Thunderwing Press

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