Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wombleton Records

We're beyond jazzed to announce the grand opening of Wombleton Records (located in L.A.'s Highland Park), for which we proudly designed all the signage and printed ephemera, featuring a logo of an olde English carriage (outfitted with LPs as wheels, of course), and a gilded "W" for the front entrance.
Wombleton's proprietors, Jade and Ian, are dear ol' friends, who also happen to have wickedly stellar taste in music, not to mention decor (have you ever seen a more gorgeous record store in your life?). Their shoppe offers a keenly curated selection of vinyl, collected during Ian's trips abroad, and Jade will soon be offering rare books on art, culture and design. We're so proud to have taken part in the creation of this haven of harmony. Congrats,Wombles! Save some rare Kate Bush b-sides for us!
Store photos: Lizzie Brandt Card Photos: Thunderwing Press

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  1. How fantastic! I was just admiring Lizzie's photos of the shop, thinking how much I loved all the signage-- should have known it came from you two!