Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fried Eggs & Crane Lettra.

The story behind Nic's custom sandwich cards:

I am a man with specific tastes—and a specific taste for sandwiches, made exactly how I want them. Recently, I noticed the difficulty of getting exactly what I wanted when firing so many specifics at a short-order cook. Invariably, one detail would get lost in the shuffle. So I decided to make Sandwich Cards for myself that I can simply hand across the deli-counter in order to get exactly what I want. This card, the first in the series, is for a breakfast sandwich—hand-set in 12pt Caslon 540 Roman and Italic, then letterpressed on 110Lb. Crane Lettra paper.

Next, I had to put the card to the test, and use it at the deli, where I received a response I would never have expected. I handed the card to the short-order cook, who shared it with his fellow employees. I was expecting mumbled jibes and laughter, but to my surprise, the three cooks all spoke to me separately, telling me how BEAUTIFUL the card was, and wondering how I printed it. Go figure...
*You'll note that the roll does not have poppy seeds on it (they were out). Perhaps this is a philosophical proof that perfection is only to be pursued, and never achieved.