Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lashing Out.

Interior designer Corina Lash has a special gift for employing natural, organic materials, and turning them into modern feats of design. But we're also impressed by her Stevie Nicks-obsession, which was our first major clue that we would be creating a logo for a kindred, witchy soul.

For her logo (shown above), we took inspiration from her interior design projects, as well as her blog, where she muses on things like the delicate lines of Cacharel frocks, the magic of the 1982 film The Dark Crystal, prisms, pastel hair, and pierrots. We filtered all this mysticism through a more serious lens, considering her many accomplishments as a designer, and the final result is a simple-yet-powerful logotype, with a hint of geometry, and lot of magic.

We also created business cards for Corina, printed on 100% cotton paper, off-white with a bit of texture, in a rich metallic gold foil that catches the light beautifully. It's a classic and minimal layout, but the materials feel like bars of gold laying on a sheepskin rug. We know we've designed something resonant for a client when we feel pangs of jealously over their cards. With these, we feel a bit like . . . why didn't we think of that for us? Lucky for Lash, we don't have an A in our name, so dreams of Giza would've been impossible anyway. Plus, Corina is the loveliest of ladies, not to mention gifted at what she does, so we're delighted to have made her happy.

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