Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bellocq the Casbah.

We've created hand-letterpressed gift cards for one of our most aesthetically admired clients,  Bellocq Tea Atelier, using only the most luxurious of papiers, to accompany their exquisite pure leaf teas.

Each card was letterpressed on richly textured, recycled Reich Odeon paper in classic white. Where most papers are made to look handmade, this stock is actually created using old world papermaking techniques, giving it a historic-feeling felt finish.

 We recently visited Bellocq at their dreamy sipping salon in Brooklyn's Greenpoint, which is a must experience for any lover of special tea blends, and a decadently bohemian atmosphere. Entering the atelier is a truly special happening, where you feel as if you've discovered a French-Créole opium den, circa 1890.
Inside their romantically plum-plastered walls are antique wood curio cabinetry and velvety blush banquettes, where the phrase high tea has never felt so perfect. Their blends, with seductive names like The White Wolf, Gypsy Caravan and Hindu Holiday, are liable to change your life (we're serious!) . . . or at least make your day feel a little more exotic.

Bellocq sometimes hosts mad tea salons with inspiring guests, such as an artisan chocolatier, accordionist, or an antique tin type photographer. Be sure to tell them Thunderwing sent you. 

To view the letterpressed business cards we also created for them, click here.

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