Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cards, ahoy!

Based in New York's historic Hudson Valley, Urban Boatworks are wood artisans, having a vast combined knowledge of applications and techniques that span refinishing and restoring historic homes and crafting custom cabinetry, to building sailboats from scratch. They are believers in function first, and that true aesthetic beauty stems from intelligent engineering and high-quality construction. Everything from Dana & Julien's workshop is done with the utmost commitment and love.
 In developing their brand look-and-feel, we took inspiration from the Shaker movement, channeling classic simplicity, and heartfelt hand-craftsmanship. With guidance from Dana & Julien, we then articulated UB's mission statement, as well as the tag-line "Woodworking for Home and Sea". Because of the strong sense of tactility in what they do, we wanted them to have truly unique cards. They are twice as large as average business cards when unfolded from their envelope vessels. These envelopes can also be used to enclose color and material samples for their clients. Each piece was hand-letterpressed in a deep marine blue, with a typographic selection that is decidedly modern in arrangement but with a classical bent. The prevalence of the anchor is at once a symbol of sea-faring travel, as well as home and stability.
We are currently designing graphics for their company car, a sea-foam green Cooper mini that will soon be seen zipping up and down along the Hudson : )

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