Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Barbarians at the gate.

My Barbarian is an undefinable collective of 3 artists: Jade Gordon, Malik Gaines, and Alexandro Segade. Their work is visual, musical, experiential, political and sometimes participatory. They've received international acclaim for their site-specific plays and musicals that experiment with theories of art and theater, combining a wide-range of subject matter such as sexuality, Greek Mythology, modern technology, consumerism, and psychology; making statements both serious and absurd about modern culture. They recently screened a short film from their Broke People's Baroque Peoples' Theatre series at MoMA, and have also performed at LACMA, MOCA, and The Whitney, as well as held a residency at the New Museum, and presented pieces at several major Biennials. We always look forward to their shows, as they are a blast to attend . . . filled with witty improvisation, inventive costumes, set design, and stellar songwriting.The concept of branding art is weird enough as it is, so we were put to the test when asked by MB to create a mark, as well as a web design, that would both encapsulate a truth about their work, as well as simultaneously leaving things open and abstract. So in the spirit of their wide palette of references, we channeled a 20th century "cave painting", or very early graffiti piece, documented by Brassaï in late '20s Paris. The symbolism is wide-ranging but touches on '70s "happenings", geometry, god, independent thought, voids, and the nebulousness of contemporary art. Both humorous and dead serious, we feel that this logo is My Barbarian.

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