Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cards of a Feather.

As a new year's gift for clients and friends, we designed a card-set in the shape of a feather and Oak leaf, to bring a bit of the beautiful Hudson Valley into the lives of those we adore. We wanted the cards to feel more like figural keepsakes, to be hung as ornaments for the holidays and beyond.
J.B. illustrated both the feather and the leaf in a calligraphic style, rendered initially by hand, then hot stamped onto thick paper in gold and silver metallic foils. We then had the ornaments cut into their given shapes, and bound them together with antique linen string, acquired on our last voyage to Paris.
Each set was enclosed in a legal-sized envelope, stamped on the flap in metallic gold foil with the word "Peace". We displayed the sets at our holiday open studio, and to our joy, they practically flew out the door, just like the hawk feather found in our garden, that inspired the idea in the first place.

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