Sunday, November 20, 2011

Summer Lovers.

Brilliantly simple letterpressed postcards for the Brooklyn record shop Co-Op 87, which stocks limited edition vinyl from the collectible label Mexican Summer, known for their ornately packaged re-issues of vintage experimental rock and electronic vibes, many of which are exclusive to the store.
We distressed their signature logo to give it a '70s Xeroxed-flyer feel. The postcards were letterpressed 4-at-a-time on a single sheet of felted paper, then each sheet was perforated twice. This technique enabled the sheets to be run through the shop's laser printer, after which the cards can be pulled-apart easily for individual distribution.

So be sure to visit the shop when in Bklyn, and if you want to know which dreamy platters to pick up, we highly recommend Honey Devash by Date Palms (pictured above), and Parellelograms by Linda Perhacs . . . both currently in heavy rotation at Thunderwing HQ.

Co-Op 87
Guernsey St.,
Brooklyn 11222

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