Saturday, September 17, 2011

So Stoned.

If the fifteen year old Nic had been told that one day he'd be designing personal stationery as a birthday gift for Pearl Jam's, Stone Gossard, he wouldn't have believed his luck. So essentially, in Nic's rock 'n roll soul, this design project is the fulfillment of a longtime dream.

Stone's stationery suite was a gift from his lovely lady, and we were inspired by photos she'd shared with us of the beautiful nature surrounding his lake-side home, as well as his collection of classic mid-century decor. She also told us a story about how Stone had become enamored with a gnarled piece of driftwood that had washed up near the house, which now sits atop a rustic table. So, using a turn-of-the-century woodcut as inspiration, we designed a custom driftwood icon, that we paired with a strong and classic serif typeface, for an elegantly minimal vibe.

It was very important to Stone that each element be crafted using sustainable materials, so we hand-letterpressed the deckle edged cream stock, stone grey note cards, and the kraft envelopes bearing his return address, on 100% Recycled papers, in deep brown ink. We also created custom gift wrapping for the suite, using natural hand-made papers embedded with dried ferns and leaves, and then tied each package with jute, using stones we found around our cottage as fasteners.

Off to re-live the idealistic '90s, while watching all the rare footage in Cameron Crowe's new documentary, Pearl Jam Twenty, which, from what we hear, is awesome.