Monday, December 13, 2010

Custom Korven.

Kristin Korven is a talented interior designer based in Los Angeles, who wanted us to create a logotype and business card that vibed with her sophisticated-ly Earthy point-of-view. She provided us with a fabulous portfolio of visual inspirations, including photos of vintage denim remnants, patchwork quilts, and 1970s typographic treatments, and also requested that despite her feminine personae, we infuse the design with a masculine aesthetic.

Working on this project truly satisfied our souls, since we have always wanted to create a logo that payed homage to our mutual love of 1970s graphics, as well as interior designers like Terence Conran, whose 1976 House Book is a favorite tome of Korven's as well as ours. We were so inspired in fact, that we created an entire custom typeface (below), titled Korven 45°, which was used for her card's design and has now become part of her brand DNA.