Monday, June 28, 2010

Monster Love

Last weekend we introduced a highly anticipated new addition to the Thunderwing print shoppe (click images to view larger) . . .

. . . a gorgeous and monstrous Chandler & Price new-style motorized letterpress, hailing from the late-1940s/early-1950s, is now happily taking-over our little barn studio. Placing it took about 10 solid hours of hard labor, inching it carefully across the property, with major help from a friend that is an expert in this type of delicate transport (Thank you, G.T.!).

It weighs about 1,500 pounds, so once we were certain that the floor wasn't going to cave in, we were able to breathe freely again, and feel elated about our cool new capabilities (bigger, faster, more!). To really feel the weight of how major this purchase was for us, check out the press we were previously solely using, below on the left, which now looks like a cute lil' miniature. Our new dude is way more intense.

Nic made a video so you can see our new baby in action.

Here we go . . .


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  2. Nic, I have practically the SAME press. Best of luck to you with it- she's a beaut!