Sunday, July 19, 2009

Prog Love.

It's always wonderful to be asked to design a project you're truly inspired by, which was certainly the case in creating an invitation suite for the wedding of our dear friends, Jade & Ian.
We especially loved that when we asked for visual inspiration exuding the mood of the ceremony, they sent us over twenty images, including illustrations of Poiret gowns, Art Deco and Nouveau patterns, the galaxy, Egyptian cats, and several Prog-Rock album covers, our favorite being Roger Dean's cosmic design for the 1973 Yes LP, Songs From Topographic Oceans.
Jade and Ian are both Renaissance souls . . . she is an artist, actress, teacher, singer and performer (with My Barbarian), and he is a brilliant DJ and musical anthropologist, so we decided to pay homage to their harmonious union by designing an invitation shaped like a 7" single, hand-letterpressed in metallic silver ink on purple cover stock, and housed in a recycled Kraft paper envelope (click photos below for details).
J + I were wed in the magical Canadian forest of Guelph, and we wish them a lifetime of music and love.

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  1. this is one (the other being yours)of the most fantastic wedding invite i have EVER seen! i love it so much!!! xoxo